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Global Unlimited Traffic Plan

Global Business Travel Monthly Unlimited (10GB High Speed) €79,00

[5G] Global Business Travel Monthly Unlimited (50GB High Speed) €379,00

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Why do you need Simbox ?

Many people have different sim cards, but with only one smartphone or they do not always want to go with two smartphones. Our simbox is a good solution for that situation.

The newest product of Glocalme Simbox is a super good solution for the people who ......

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140 Countries and Regions Coverage

5G Coverage

Hong Kong(China), Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan(China), Thailand, Vietnam, Mainland China
Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Canada, Mexico, United States.
Australia, United Arab Emirates

4G Coverage ......

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Smart Cloud SIM IP Camera

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GlocalMe U3X

Duo Turbo is a new generation wifi hotspot that is light and flexible. It comes with 2.4'' touchscreen, dual modem and free of restraints from contract, roaming and SIM card. This plan give you the best flexibility to top up from anywhere, anytime for any data package you need in over 140 countries.

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